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Our Story

Medifirst Sdn Bhd is one of respected company in Malaysia focusing on providing and distribution high qualified Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical. We recently built a partnership with Malaysian Genomic Resource Centre (MGRC) Berhad, a company with advanced technology in Genomic, to bring DTECT DNA Test through proper professional healthcare channels across Indonesia.

Dtech DNA Test

MGRC launched DTECT DNA TEST in 2015 and has been used by doctors and medical practitioners throughout the hospitals in Malaysia. From since, DTECT DNA TEST had built the credibility to provide genetic insights into hundreds of disease and traits that generate actionable information and new knowledge in a personalized and preventive healthcare system.

MGRC genetic screening test blend innovative technology with cutting edge genomic knowledge to identify and assess known genetic markers associated to certain disease and carrier such as severity of covid 19 infection, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, development disorders in children and even adverse reaction toward prescription medication . Beyond diseases, genetic screening is also able to identify wellness and fitness trait that influence your health.

Our Tech

Collaborated with the leading innovator and Centre for genomic and genetic analysis in Asia, Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad (MGRC) , all samples are thoroughly processed and evaluated in the internationally acclaimed laboratory which has proven track record of providing genetic-based services in Malaysia, as well as in South East Asia and Europe.

Using SynaSUITET, made by Synamatix Sdn Bhd, Malaysia – the leading player in the bioinformatics scene globally to compute and analyzed your DNA samples to accurately produce your diagnostic.