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We are Malaysian company focusing on providing and distributing high quality medical equipment and pharmaceutical. Now, we are expanding our products and services to Indonesia with our first product, DTECT DNA. For more information, please refer to OUR COMPANY.

We provide 14 kinds of DNA Test, from General Wellness like Diet & Fitness, Skin Health, Family Planning also disease risk such as cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disorder and so on… You can find out more about our products through here - linked to our product page

For now DTECT DNA Test can only be purchased through our website.

We take a good care of handling your DNA samples, thus only our doctors can take your dna samples with our test kit, to ensure proper handling and prevent cross-contamination.

We only collect your dna samples from the swabs against the inside your cheek.

Yes you can. We are analysing inherited markers on DNA which do not change over time, and are not affected by our current state

You need not to eat or drink within the hour of doing the swab, to swab for 30 secs inside of each cheek (total 1 min), and to swab with enough pressure to collect the buccal cells

Your DNA samples will be carefully packaged and shipped to our collaborated laboratory partners, MGRC Berhad, Malaysia to be thoroughly analyzed.

{For sure, you can definitely contact us for further questions or any other inquiries regarding our products through ( [email protected] 0xxxxxxxxxx )}

You still need to choose one of our affiliated doctors to consult your results.

After you make payment, you can choose the doctor close to your address and choose the available date that meet your option



Free 1 consultation included in each product.

You can book another extra consultation directly with the doctor.

Definitely, you can choose any packages that suit your needs into a bundling

YES. You can fill out the forms under your family member’s name or the person you want to buy it as a gift.

Your result will be done in about 14 days at maximum. Your result will be sent through your email or whatsapp, and your medifirst account.

No. The result of your DNA test will last a lifetime.

No. Every DNA samples taken from you should be able to fulfill 10 tests.

Our payment method right now is only by debit card or credit card.

Absolutely! Your personal information will only be kept and protected by Medifirst. Moreover, your samples are labelled with a unique code to replace your personal information when it is being analyzed in the lab.


You can edit your profile if you have already signed up to our website.

When you register, enter the referral code.

26.1 The DTECT DNA TEST may be refunded to you based on the original payment method if any of the following cases occurs:-

i) there is a defect in the product whereby the consumer shall show reasonable proof of the defect and it is found that the defect is due to manufacturer’s fault;

ii) the product purchased has not been used by the consumer; or

iii) the product delivered is not following the consumer’s order of purchase.

Once the DTECT DNA TEST has been opened or tampered with and it is found that the temperament is due to consumer’s fault, the DTECT DNA TEST shall be deemed non-refundable or exchangeable.

26.2 The consumer may request for an exchange of the product purchased with any other products that is of the same or lower value in price with the products already purchased. The consumer may exchange the product with a product of a higher value given that the consumer pays the price difference.

26.3 At DTECT, we strive to provide the best and accurate results to our customers. In the event that there is an error in the DNA sample that we have taken from you, you shall be required to give another fresh DNA sample at any of our nearest panel clinics.

26.4 Any refund or exchange request shall be made within three (3) working days from the date that the product was purchased. The refund and exchange process shall take up to fourteen (14) working days.

Yes, definitely. You can change or cancel your order before sample taken.

Drop your complain to our Customer services.

Please contact our customer services.